Last Day of School & a Thank You!

Greetings everyone!
The snowstorm a couple of weeks ago that led to a 2 day shutdown across the state was quite late and unexpected! The result is that RNESU has had 7 snow days this year, an unusual number indeed. So when is the last day of school?
For students, the last day of school will be Wednesday, June 21. This date still keeps us one day beyond the state mandated school year, though it is two fewer days than our usual year. This date was chosen both to meet mandates as well as to acknowledge the heat in the schools at that time of year and family plans that have already started to take shape. Staff will still make up the other 2 days through a variety of means. Individual schools will indicate how this last day plays out in their schedule and parents will be notified of that by their children’s schools. The last day of school does not change the Otter Valley graduation date of June 10.
Thank you! I want to take a moment to thank all residents of Otter Valley’s 6 towns for supporting the OVUU budget. There were difficult decisions that were made this year and I feel the Board developed a thoughtful, sustainable, student focused budget. We were able to take advantage of our Act 46 merger in a few ways, such as opening up elementary school choice, reconfiguring our small schools to increase peer groups and save small school grants, and transferring teachers who might have lost a position in one school when an opening was available in another school, saving hiring and training dollars.