Opening Day 2016: Most Likely to Succeed at RNESU

Exciting day! Convocation for faculty and administration in the Otter Valley Unified and Barstow Unified School Districts. After recognizing several faculty and staff for exemplary performance (more on that later) and a Dance Off to get to know one another, we settled into a viewing of Most Likely to Succeed, a documentary about what schools need to be for the sake of the future of our students. Settled in might be a misnomer. The ideas raised both make sense and challenge the traditional educational world we live in now.

Did you know our current system of education: ability, age and subject grouping was designed by a Committee of 10 who wanted a school system that would feed into a more productive industrial society? Even the subjects were chosen by this committee- in 1893!! Deviation by creativity was not permitted!


Flash forward to today- entrepreneurship, Think Different (Apple) and creativity are all valued traits in our work world. Technology is replacing our need for memorization and one can complete an entire MIT course sequence on I-tunes for free, if they choose. No one has phone books (ask Suri); homework help is with Khan Academy. What are we doing to prepare our kids for this world?

This was the message sent this morning with the viewing of this documentary. The movie can only be seen in intentional showings, but the trailer is here. RNESU plans to show the movie for the community later this month. I hope you come and join the conversation.