Act 46 Update Oct. 25, 2015

As the RNESU Act 46 Study Committee moves along, it is important to be transparent with our work and decisions being made. Our web page at has a tab called Act 46: Future of RNESU. This page has several links to meetings and their minutes, resources on the law, and most importantly, Frequently Asked Questions. As we have begun community forums on Act 46, this is a place to go to when you want to get up to speed. We have now had 4 meetings of the study committee and are working on articles for two districts in a side by side model: an OV district for the 6 towns of Whiting, Sudbury, Leicester, Goshen, Brandon and Pittsford and a Barstow district for Chittenden and Mendon. Here is a sample FAQ:

School district, union district, supervisory union? Which one are we, and what is the difference?

All three models exist in Rutland Northeast SU. Each of our towns have an elementary school, and  is its own “school district” with its own school board. Sometimes the term “town-school district” is used.

6 towns (Brandon, Goshen, Leicester, Sudbury, Whiting and Pittsford)  are members of Otter Valley Union Middle and High schools. OV Union also has its own 10 member school board with proportional representation from all the sending towns; this board oversees OV Middle and High. Two of our towns, Chittenden and Mendon, participate in a joint contract (with East Pittsford as a non active partner) that results in sharing Barstow Memorial School.  The school districts and OV Union  and the Barstow Joint Agreement make up the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, which has its own board made up of representatives from each of the town school district boards. RNESU oversees the shared  services for all districts, such as the superintendent, special education, K-12 curriculum development, business services, food services, transportation services,  and technology support.

Come learn more at one of the upcoming community forums:

Nov 4 @ Cafe Provence 6:00 pm
Nov 7 @ Goshen Town Hall 7:00 pm (Potluck Dinner at 5:30 pm)