Act 46 Update Oct 4, 2015

Last week, the Act 46 study committee met and reviewed a communications plan and reviewed program, equity and finance information for the current configuration in the supervisory union. The presentation materials are posted on the Act 46 web page of RNESU here.

     The committee meets again this coming week, on Oct 6. All meetings are open, start at 6pm and occur at Otter Valley.  Work will begin on the plan for an OV and a Barstow district, depending on the decisions made by the Barstow study committee on Monday night.
     The towns of Chittenden and Mendon, as you may know from the media, are being courted to join the Rutland Central SU study committee to join the choice town of Rutland Town. The decision on leaving our SU study committee to joining theirs will be made by the Barstow Act 46 study committee. Their decision will not change the direction or incentives for the OV district; thus the decision is completely theirs.
     There is some confusion in the media about the recent state board of ed decision regarding school choice. The decision clarified that a single district cannot have both a high school and high school choice. However, choice cannot be taken away from any town that has it unless the residents vote to remove it. This means that in our supervisory union, if Barstow remains with us, we would continue as a supervisory union, in a Side by Side arrangement with an OV district and a Barstow district.
     There are number of Frequently Asked Questions about this process on our website. Check them out or ask new ones with the Let’s Talk app on the school and RNESU websites. Minutes from the meetings and all presentations are also posted there.