Rutland Northeast Carousel Meeting and H.361 A

     As the school year comes to an end, and we celebrate graduation with Otter Valley seniors, I want to share some information on a new type of school board meeting we are trying on June 17 and invite you to come and try it out with us.

In Rutland Northeast SU, we have multiple towns, 8 school boards with over 40 board members. Each board meets monthly and often the same information is repeated 8 times across the month. While this method of meeting does allow for discussion at the local community level, it does not allow for broader planning or discussion about ways we might share services or be more efficient.

On June 17, we will pilot a Carousel Meeting, which is one night where all towns meet at the same time at Otter Valley UHS.

We will begin at 6 pm with the Rutland Northeast Executive Committee, which is made up of representatives of each town. Following that meeting, at 7, with all 40+ board members present, we will discuss the new education reform bill, H361. This will be our first chance to look at what this bill might mean for our towns and schools.

At 8 pm, for an hour, each board will break out to a classroom to have their individual meetings and cover local board concerns.

All of these meetings are open to the community. If this goes well, we hope to do another Carousel Meeting in September with another common topic discussed among all the communities at once. The June 17 meeting replaces the regular board meetings for the month of June.

The Carousel meeting process is one which is used in several supervisory unions across the state, including Addison Central, just to our north in Middlebury. It is our hope that this common topic discussion will lead to greater sharing of resources, concerns, and solutions to support all of our students.

     You are welcome to attend the June 17 meetings, any or all of them. Or, drop me a line and let me know what you think of the idea, or any other thoughts you may have about our schools. To share your thoughts, please click on Let’s Talk at Enjoy your summer!