Superintendents Need Professional Development Also

As I write this blog, I am waiting for the start of the first of keynote sessions at the National Conference on Education with #AASA150, the superintendent’s association I belong to. I sit with 3000 of my colleagues across the country, as we choose sessions on leadership, board/supt relations, how to boost student achievement, communications and social media, federal policy and a number of other topics of interest to help superintendents improve our practices.

Each year, I work with my leadership team to plan teacher professional development. Research clearly shows that the best way to improve student achievement is to have effective teachers. Teachers no longer teach in a vacuum. Collaborating with colleagues and intentional professional development on best practice instructional strategies makes even the best teacher more intentional and effective.

Professional development for teachers is also not created in a vacuum. Education leaders, principals, superintendents and other administrators, also need to stay ahead of the best practices in education. I am fortunate to be part of this organization, AASA, where I have served on the Governing Board for 6 years and have had the chance to learn my craft from the best across the country.

My PD themes this year are around the areas of communication, social media, board relations, and student achievement. I have been tweeting as I learn (@collinsj15 or follow #NCE15), as that is a way to connect with colleagues, capture what nuggets I pick up, and learn from others.

I am looking forward to learning more throughout the weekend, as I strive to be the best education leader I can be, in order to make a difference for the students of Rutland Northeast SU.

Comments/questions? Reply here or send me a message on Let’s Talk at aasa


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